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Applicants from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico can apply for a new German passport at the Consulate General in Houston. Please keep in mind that you must make an appointment beforehand (see below).

Alternatively, you can also request the issuance of a biometric passport, including the fingerprint screening (no temporary passports, no child passports), from our Honorary Consul in New Orleans, LA (tel.: 504-596-2822), from the German Air Force Command USA/Canada in Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX (tel.: 915-201-5815) and from our Honorary Consul in Dallas, TX (tel.: 214-740-8215). Please call the indicated telephone numbers for further information.
Important: Please note that the Honorary Consuls in Dallas and New Orleans as well as the German Air Force Command in El Paso solely accept applications and biometric data and will then forward them to the Consulate General in Houston. The examination of the application will be done by the German Consulate General in Houston. Therefore, it can happen that upon receipt of the application, the Consulate General in Houston may ask for additional documents. Please keep in mind: If you apply for a passport through the Honorary Consuls, extra fees apply.

Preparation for your visit to the Consulate for passport applications:

Please read carefully all information about the passport application process and bring all the necessary documents. Verify whether:

-Your name has changed, for example due to marriage and if you have to perform a name change before applying for a new passport.

-a registration of a birth is necessary (if you apply for a child passport)

In case a name change or registration of birth is necessary, please fill out all relevant forms before your appointment and bring all the required documents with you (the original and a copy each)

Please note that in exceptional cases additional documents that are not mentioned on the website might be needed. The German Consulate General in Houston reserves the right to request additional documents at any time. Such additional documents may however be submitted by mail, it is usually not necessary to appear again in person at the Consulate General or at the Honorary Consul in this case.

Appointments at the Consulate General

Applying for a passport at the Consulate General in Houston is only possible with an appointment. Please be on time for your scheduled appointment. If you are late, your appointment will expire and you may have to wait longer on that day or at a later date.
Schedule an Appointment

Passport Photos

There is a minimum requirement for the compatibility of the biometric passport photos (see the link below for examples of the pass photo formats). If your passport photos do not fulfill these requirements, we can not accept your application at that time. Instead you will then need to schedule a new appointment, because the fingerprints can only be saved on the microchip together with your biometric passport photo.

Sample Photos for Passports PDF / 550 KB

Important Notice

-- A new passport law has been in effect since November 1, 2007. Under this new law, fingerprints will be stored on a microchip contained within German passports. This affects all passport applicants six years and older.

-- Passport applications sent in through mail can no longer be processed.

-- Passport applications for children can no longer be sent through the mail! It is necessary for the parents to attend the appointment with their child.

-- Temporary Passports for legal age applicants (issued only in cases of emergency) can still be filed per mail. The temporary passport does not require fingerprints to be saved.

-- Passports issued without fingerprints before November 1st, 2007 retain their expiration date stated in the passport.

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