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Open Call for Projects 1, © German Consulate General Los Angeles

18.01.2022 - Article

Open Call for Projects in the arts, media, social justice, science, technology, and beyond!

The German Consulate General in Los Angeles is offering financial support for creative projects that speak to the social challenges of our time and the rich cultural diversity of our region.

This call goes out to artists, educators, and cultural workers of all persuasions (visual, film, music, theater, dance, performance). If you or your organization are working on innovative, engaging project ideas designed to enrich lives, improve your community, and foster cultural diversity, we are eager to hear from you!  A specific connection to Germany is welcome and your project must take place in the German Consulate General’s jurisdiction area (Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah).


  • Submit a maximum one-page draft that contains the following information:
    • Content and objectives of the proposed project, including your concept, intended audience, and means of implementation
    • Brief explanation detailing how your proposed project will have a positive societal impact or otherwise address social justice issues
  • Submit a financing plan that includes an overview of the expected expenses and funding, including your own funding as well as the amount of financial support requested from the German Consulate General in Los Angeles.
  • Submit your proposal in German or English.

Submission Deadline: Please send proposals to projects@losangeles.diplo.de no later than February 28, 2022 for projects that will be completed any time this calendar year.


  • On the basis of the information provided in your project proposals, we will select a certain number of applicants to advance to the next round of consideration. Selected applicants will be contacted via email and asked to fill out a separate application form for funding provided by the German Consulate General.
  • Please note that we may be unable to consider all applicants due to the Consulate General’s limited funds. An application for financial support does not guarantee any right to allocation of funds.
  • The selection of supported projects is the sole discretion of the German Consulate General and the exact amount of financial support awarded will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

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