Application for a Certificate of Inheritance


Here you can download a questionnaire which is the basis for the preparation of your application for a certificate of inheritance. Please print out and complete the questionnaire as thoroughly as possible and send it back to this Consulate General. In addition to the questionnaire, you should also submit copies of birth, death and marriage certificates, last wills, etc.

If the decedent left a will, the Consulate General will require information on whether the will has been probated or not. Please be prepared to submit the original will to the German probate court in case it has not been probated in the U.S.

Based on your questionnaire, this Consulate will draft an application for a certificate of inheritance and then contact you to set up an appointment for its notarization. There will be a fee for the notarization. Please ask for the amount when you arrange your appointment. After being notarized, you will need to send the application to the German probate court, along with certified copies of all required personal documents as well as their translation into German. There will also be a court fee for the actual certificate of inheritance.

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