German author Esther Kinsky at the New Literature from Europe Festival

Esther Kinsky

Esther Kinsky, © Heike Steinweg/Suhrkamp Verlag

31.10.2018 - Article

New Literature from Europe Festival presents Esther Kinsky in conversation with translator Tess Lewis, on November 28, 2018.

The German Consulate General Recommends:

Within the framework of the New Literature from Europe Festival German author Esther Kinsky will discuss her award-winning autobiographical novel, River (Transit Books, September 2018) with translator Tess Lewis. After moving to a London suburb near the River Lea, a female narrator takes long, solitary walks as she reminisces about the rivers she has encountered during her life. Exploring memory through topography and with mellifluous prose, River is a thoughtful meditation on disturbed lands, recent European history and the transience of all things human.

Esther Kinsky will also participate in Migration: Bridging the Gaps (Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 8:10 pm) and Afflicted Bodies and Disturbed Lands: A poetic Approach (Thursday, Nov, 29 at 8:10 pm).

The New Literature from Europe Festival (November 27-29, 2018) will bring to New York City 14 authors from different countries to celebrate cultural diversity and heritage while addressing the current challenges of globalization and migration.

 For more information, visit: newlitfromeurope

Location and time:
Institute Cervantes
211 East 49th Street, NYC
Wednesday, November 28, 6 pm

To RSVP visit: Kinsky-Eventbrite

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