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 West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

 West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, © Livia Löffler

09.11.2018 - Article

An orchestra as a messenger of peace

As part of the Deutschlandjahr (Year of Germany), the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra made a stop at Carnegie Hall yesterday during their first coast to coast US-tour. The ensemble was founded in 1999 in Weimar by the Argentine-Israeli conductor, Daniel Barenboim, the Palestinian-born American literary scholar, Edward Said, and the then Commissioner-General of the European Capital of Culture, Bernd Kauffmann. The founders shared the vision of a peaceful coexistence of people in the Middle East. Coming together from various locations, the young musicians meet for a four-week summer school, after which the ensemble takes part in an international tour. Despite their limited rehearsal time, the the orchestra performs at an outstanding level. In addition to performing music, the aim of the West–Eastern Divan Orchestra is to promote non-violence, reconciliation and mutual understanding – especially between Israelis and Palestinians – and to pave the way for a peaceful and fair solution of the Arab–Israeli conflict.

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