Fall Fair at the Rudolf Steiner School

Fall Fair

Fall Fair, © Rudolf Steiner School

15.11.2018 - Article

Come experience Steiner School’s Fall Fair, on November 17, 2018.

The German Consulate General Recommends:

A day of family fun! The Rudolf Steiner School – celebrating 90 years - opens its doors every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving for its legendary Fall Fair. The whole community takes part in the preparations: wood workshops produce beautifully handmade wooden animals, swords and shields; parents and teachers knit everything from baby clothes to animals and winter scarves; while in the doll workshop beautiful handmade dolls are created. During the Fair classrooms are being transformed into crystal caves, game rooms, cakewalks and more. This magical event attracts students, faculty, families, alumni, friends and the entire neighborhood. 

Location and time:
On Saturday, November 17, 2018
Lower School Building
15 East 79TH Street
10AM -  4PM
Upper School Building
15 East 78TH Street
12PM - 4PM

To browse their Silent Auction, please follow this link: Rudolf Steiner School

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