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(In)stated apparitions

(In)stated apparitions, © Heiko Schwarz

29.11.2018 - Article

Suprisingly daring, remarkably rewarding

On Tuesday evening, the artists Anja Ibsch and Esther Neff collaborated together for their first time at the historic 1014 Fifth Ave.  Their performance was a unique experience – for the audience as well as for the artists. Each show is not planned in advanced, but instead influenced by their surroundings; they make use of the space, objects and even the audience. Driven by their feelings, personal backgrounds and the unique atmosphere of the momentum, they create a one-time spectacle. The performance’s special location in particular was a seed of inspiration for the artists – as unique as the performance itself, the townhouse at 1014 Fifth Ave has a rich transatlantic history. As per Ibsch “it is a dialogue” between all these components – that can sometimes even surprise the performers themselves. Performance art is mysterious by definition, however the aftershow Q&A session a revealed many enigmatic aspects.

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