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Salon Daniel Kehlmann

Salon Daniel Kehlmann, © German Consulate General NY

11.12.2018 - Article

A literary delight at the residence of Consul General David Gill

“It is one of the darkest chapters in the book; literally dark, it takes place in the mines.” At a salon hosted by Consul General Gill, bestselling author Daniel Kehlmann shared excerpts from his latest novel Tyll. Set during the 30 Years’ War, the novel describes an era of darkness where humanity and order are lost. Tyll is not a story about the Thirty Years' War but instead deals with people in a moment when everything – all structures that provide firmness and security – collapses. A time when only the Tyll – a fool, an entertainer, an artist – survives. During his Q&A with guests, Kehlmann shared deep insights into his life as an author and where he finds inspiration. For those interested in hearing (and reading) more, the book will be published in English in the near future – keep on the lookout!

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