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Nora Krug (left) at the event

Nora Krug (left) at the event, © courtesy of DAAD

18.01.2019 - Article

Memories Old and New at the DAAD Annual Reception

Yesterday evening, the DAAD annual reception took place to welcome the new DAAD New York Director, Benedikt Brisch. Together, the DAAD and the German Consulate General invited guests to not only welcome Mr. Brisch, but also to enjoy a literary evening at the German House featuring DAAD alumna Nora Krug and Villard Professor Emeritus Andreas Huyssen.

In her visually diverse graphic memoir ‘Belonging’ (German title: ‘Heimat’) Nora Krug asks, “How do you understand who you are when you do not know where you come from?” Throughout the evening’s discussion, Krug shared the story of her attempt to confront the hidden truths of her family’s wartime past in Nazi Germany to comprehends the forces that have shaped her life, her generation, and history. Looking back can often guide us on our path – in this sense on our path of finding oneself.

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