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Eldbjørg Hemsing

Eldbjørg Hemsing, © courtesy of Eldbjørg Hemsing

25.01.2019 - Article

Eldbjørg Hemsing Salon – A Champion of Norway’s Rich Musical Tradition

Yesterday evening, Consul General Gill, together with his Norwegian counterpart Harriet E. Berg, hosted a melodious salon with the outstanding violinist and excelling performer Eldbjørg Hemsing at the residence of Consul General Gill. Hemsing’s impressive career began at the young age of 11. Highlights of which include a solo with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the release of her first album just last year.

With astonishing lightness and tantalizing expressiveness, Hemsing performed pieces by Brahms, Grieg and Halvorsen, accompanied by the equally excellent piano player Nargiz Aliyarova at the yesterday’s salon. The intermezzo featured a talk about an upcoming project highlighting Hemsing – a documentary exploring the life and work of three outstanding women in classical music – all of whom have one thing in common: Strength – as the film title “Forte” suggests. The documentary was directed by award-winning American filmmaker David Donnelly, executive produced by Roland Göhde and significantly supported by Göhde Foundation – a Germany-based charitable organization with a focus on development assistance. In 2017, the foundation’s goals were expanded to create a more holistic concept by adding a second activity pillar in the area of classical music including activities such as talent support of gifted young musicians like Hemsing.

You too can see Hemsing as she makes her recital début iat Lincoln Center, for more information check out: eldbjorghemsing

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