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International Holocaust Remembrance Day Luncheon

International Holocaust Remembrance Day Luncheon, © German Consulate General NY

01.02.2019 - Article

Honoring Survivors at the Residence

On Tuesday, for the first time, Consul General Gill invited 24 survivors to his residence to honor International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The luncheon was incredibly meaningful to Consul General Gill. As the representative of the free and democratic Germany, he felt especially humbled to host the honored guests, despite what had been done to them and their families in the name of their – at least former – home country of Germany.

Together with his staff, it was particularly meaningful and important to spend the day of commemoration with the survivors who, through what they were witness to, ensure that the Holocaust will not be forgotten. Their willingness to speak about their experiences, their pain, their losses and also their courage was incredibly moving. Gill was inspired to host the lunch as an expression of our deep appreciation, affection and gratitude for all that the survivors have done to keep the memory alive by inspiring younger generations to be open minded and to stand up against intolerance and hatred. 

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