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Stray Bird by Miro Magloire

Stray Bird by Miro Magloire, © Arnaud Falchier

15.03.2019 - Article

Stray Bird – A new adaptation of Ursula Mamlok’s work

On the 15th of March the New Chamber Ballet, with their artistic director Miro Magloire, held an impressive and magnificent ballet performance at the German Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The project, sponsored by the German Consulate General and its partners, was one of the first adaptions of this piece in ballet form.

Stray Bird was created by the German-American composer Ursula Mamlok, who escaped Nazi-Germany as a child in 1939. She is regarded as an outstanding figure in classical music as her work deals with the influence of loss, displacement, rejection and reconciliation in her personal life.

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