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Krzyżowa Music Concert

Krzyżowa Music Concert, © German Consulate General NY

10.05.2019 - Article

Krzyzowa-Concert – Music from Kreisau for Europe

Krzyzowa, formerly called Kreisau, is a small town in Poland and was the eponym for a joint concert hosted by the German and Polish Consulates General this week. The 5th annual Krzyzowa-concert showcased four talented and highly recognized Polish musicians who held an outstanding performance of the work of some of Europe’s finest composers. In his welcoming speech, Consul General David Gill stressed the historic significance of the German-Polish friendship, “For decades Krzyzowa has been a symbol for the European idea due to its unique history. Like no other town, it symbolizes how two countries working together can help to overcome former hostility and conquer hate and injustice. Krzyzowa has played an essential part in teaching young Europeans about their responsibility with history.” The Consulate General would like to thank the organizers of Kreisauer Kreis as well as Consul General Golubiewski for this event and is looking forward to next year’s concert.

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