Stefan Roloff at the Vision Festival

Kinetic Green (film Image)

Kinetic Green (film Image), © courtesy of the artist

10.05.2019 - Article

German video artist Stefan Roloff will present two short films and perform at the renowned Vision Festival, from June 9 – 16, 2019.

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German video artist Stefan Roloff will present two short films and also perform at the renowned Vision Festival in New York City.  The Vision Festival runs from June 9 - 16, and features performances rooted in avant-garde jazz and improvised music, poetry, visual art, and dance.

On June 9, Anthology Film Archives in the East Village will screen Roloff’s 1984 films BIG FIRE and Kinetic Colors. On June 11, at Roulette Intermedium in Downtown Brooklyn, Roloff will mix video in improvised performance with drummer Andrew Cyrille, for the first live collaboration between the two artists.  

 “In 1984 I was invited by the New York Institute of Technology to create one of the first artist-made digital videos on their Images II computer prototype.  It was a system and as such it seemed sort of counter-creative. So, I decided to use that very system to destroy itself. I invited drummer Andrew Cyrille to compose the music for the video. He had countered the drum's rhythm-oriented quality with his playing and that was an appropriate analogy to what I had just tried with the BIG FIRE: Counter the cliché of your instrument to take it to another level.” – Stefan Roloff

The concept for Kinetic Colors was created one evening when the dancer Christina Jones was hanging out at my studio. We produced four shows, each in a particular color – pink, green, blue and yellow. In each show Christina and the musicians – Andrew Cyrille (green) Gunter Hampel and Jeanne Lee (blue), Joseph Jarman (yellow), and Henry Threadgill (pink) interpreted these colors while they and their costumes were the same shades, visually incorporating them into the animated colorscape that the stage had become.

June 9, 7:15pm - Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue, New York, NY, 10003
June 11, 9:00pm - Roulette Intermedium, 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

The Vision Festival will be the first time Stefan Roloff and Andrew Cyrille present their BIG FIRE collaboration live, performing it, as Cyrille says, just the way two musicians would. The result is a conversation between two international languages that don't need translation - music and images.

Stefan Roloff, born in 1953 in Berlin, has worked as a painter, video artist and filmmaker. A pioneer of digital video and photography, in 1983 Roloff founded his own production company, When 6 is 9.

 In 1984, Roloff was invited to experiment on prototypes of digital video and imaging computers at the New York Institute of Technology. Here, he created Face—his first Moving Painting, produced by Peter Gabriel—which was the predecessor of Gabriel’s award-winning music video for Sledgehammer (1986). He also created the music video to Peter Gabriel’s song ZAAR, from the record Passion.  Roloff received a Fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts for his digital work in 1989. He continues to combine his paintings and videos in collaboration with musicians like Martin Rev, Jim O’Rourke and Andrew Cyrille.

For more information and tickets visit: vision

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