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Tape That: Artists visit German School Brooklyn

Tape That: Artists visit German School Brooklyn, © German School Brooklyn

17.05.2019 - Article

Tape That: Artists visit German School Brooklyn and The Rosenburg File

On May 9th, the German Consulate General and the German School Brooklyn (GSB) had the pleasure of welcoming the artist collective Tape That from Berlin. The artists engaged in a unique workshop for the children at GSB and it turned out to be in the words of the children “the best visit we've had so far”! Grades 4, 5 and 6 spent the entire morning engaging with the artists and learned “tape art” by diving right in. The work by each student turned out distinctive and dynamic; their creativity was surely sparked! Big thanks to the GBS and Tape That for this extraordinary experience. The Consulate General hopes to further support its partner high schools here in New York.

The Rosenburg File – The German Federal Ministry of Justice in the shadows of the Nazi past:
How can a peaceful transition from dictatorship towards a democracy be completed when former staff in governmental institutions remain and how can their mindsets be overcome? The problems of the Post-World-War-II German government regarding Nazi criminals in their own ranks are the topic of a newly opened exhibition at the Supreme Court of New York. In the opening ceremony Consul General David Gill declared, that “this exhibition demonstrates how important it is that societies undergo a meaningful transition, a renewal in all aspects following a period of aberration, injustice and failure.” With the Rosenburg Files the German Federal Ministry of Justice faced the entanglement of former Nazi criminals in its staff for the first time. The results are as frightening as they are shameful. This free-for-all exhibition is open until June 7th during regular hours in the Rotunda at the Supreme Court of the State of New York and definitely worth a visit.

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