Timo Vollbrecht FLY MAGIC in Brooklyn

Timo Vollbrecht

Timo Vollbrecht, © Desmond White

19.09.2019 - Article

Live at “Owl Music Parlor” in Brooklyn this Friday, Sep 20, 9:30pm.

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Based in Brooklyn, rooted in Berlin, focusing on composed and improvised music: Timo Vollbrecht is what the New York City Jazz Record calls a “luminously-fine” saxophonist-bandleader, whose music is “blessed with rhythmic fluidity and intricate twists.” Acclaimed for his “warm blanket of sound” (JazzThing), he follows a carefully composed musical vision that balances emotional intensity, vivacious energy, and delicate simplicity. A musical omnivore, he organically combines jazz with elements of post-rock, indie, new music, experimental, and instrumental songwriting. “Through this confluence of influences, his music transcends the limitation of musical genre” (Stefon Harris).

FLY MAGIC is Vollbrecht’s signature ensemble featuring Berlin born guitarist and sound wizard Keisuke Matsuno, Californian bass-ace Martin Nevin, and Korean drumming sensation Dayeon Seok. Together, they are teaming up with Brooklyn based electronica artist TWIG TWIG and pianist Sebastien Ammann for an explosive triple bill at Brooklyn's finest music venue - “Owl Music Parlor.” These are the sets:

Friday, Sep 20th
Sebastien Ammann - 7:30pm
Twig Twig - 8:30pm
Timo Vollbrecht FLY MAGIC - 9:30pm

Come out for an evening of sonic lovescapes, honest sounds, emotional intensity, vivacious energy, and delicate simplicity.
Timo Vollbrecht - sax
Keisuke Matsuno - guitar
Martin Nevin - bass
Dayeon Seok - drums

Zubin Hensler - composer, recordist, sound designer, electronic wizard

Thomas Heberer - trumpet
Robin Verheyen - saxophones
Sebastien Ammann - piano
Michael Bates - bass
Jeff Davis – drums
“Modern, flexible and free from quotes and imitation, self-effacing and delicate.” (FAZ)

For more information visit: Fly Magic

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