Gregor Huebner: El Violin Latino

Gregor Huebner

Gregor Huebner, © Marcela Joya

02.10.2019 - Article

El Violin Latino - Los Soñadores featuring: Portinho, Klaus Mueller and Itaiguara Brandao on October 9 at the Zincbar.

The idea to this series already developed some time ago in a café in New York during a session. Mappy Torres, a Cuban poet, described the “Latin Violin”with words, Gregor Huebner described it with his music. To him the violin is the common denominator of different genres. Of course his personal style slips in the compositions, too. He was heavily influenced by Eastern European Folk and Gypsy music. The result is a line-up of compositions of important Latin American composers and his own works written in the same unmistakable style.

Los Soñadores is Huebners 3rd album in a series and focuses on the music of Cuba.

 “As close to reality is that Gregor Huebner has an emotional spiritual versatility that leads him to make wonderful performances, with his violin, chamber music, orchestral and bands. What is sensational Latin Jazz”.

— Luis Raul Montell, Jazz Caribe

Location and time:
Zinc Bar
82 West 3rd Street,
New York, NY 10012
October 9, 2019
8pm and 9:30pm

For more information and tickets visit: Zinc

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