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School visit at the Consulate

School visit at the Consulate, © German Consulate General NY

01.11.2019 - Article

Diplomacy Behind the Scenes

“Flexibility and assurance are key in our daily work,” said Yasemin Pamuk, Head of Cultural Affairs and Science, motivating students from New York University during their visit to the German House. The meeting between the students and the Consulate General arose from the students’ great interest in the work of the German Consulate General in New York and German-American friendship. Consul Pamuk's behind the scenes insight into diplomatic work and her career path met with great interest, which was followed by an exciting discourse about diplomacy, events and career possibilities.

The exchange was and is a great way to learn about Germany as well as about the topics of interests of our American generations of future.

We appreciate the interest in our work and look forward to welcoming more student visits to the German House!

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