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The Transformation of Germany

The Transformation of Germany, © German Consulate General NY

08.11.2019 - Article

The Transformation of Germany

This past Thursday, the Consulate General hosted an event to highlight and celebrate the positive development of Jewish life in unified Germany. Right before the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, various events are taking place in many German communities around the globe, commemorating this date. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a life-changing and historically important event, not only for East and West Germany, but also for Jewish life in Germany as a whole. During the event last night, Deputy Consul General Jens Janik spoke about the budding Jewish community and Jewish Life in Berlin today. Janik noted that, at about 100,000, the number of registered members of Jewish congregations in Germany is astounding. He recognized that this is “An expression of the trust that Jewish communities around the world place in Germany again. As the representative of the Federal Republic of Germany this evening, I am very grateful for this trust.”

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