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Stadtnomaden, © GKNY

09.12.2019 - Article

Salon with the Stadtnomaden

This past Tuesday, the Consulate General hosted an evening salon with Christina Horsten and Felix Zeltner, who recently published the book “Stadtnomaden” (city nomads). Their book tells the story of how, right after their daughter Emma was born, they were evicted and decided to turn their misfortune into a year-long adventure: 12 months, 12 apartments, 12 New York City neighborhoods. They set off as nomads with two full-time jobs and a small child in tow.

What they learned, about New York and themselves, during a crazy year of living outside the comfort zone, how they got rid of clutter, reinvented their life and their understanding of home – all that is part of their inspiring and bestselling book “Stadtnomaden”.

On Tuesday, they shared their story and their thoughts on the future of living – including photos, videos and incredible New York neighborhood stories!

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