German Films at the New York International Children’s Film Festival



07.02.2020 - Article

Take your kids to the New York International Children’s Film Festival, from February 21 through March 15, 2020

The German Consulate General Co-presents:

During four weekends in February and March, the Festival welcomes over 25,000 young people, parents, and movie-lovers to explore the world without leaving NYC. Presenting the best new animation, live action, documentary, and experimental film from across the globe, the festival invites you to watch, laugh, create, and explore with them.

This year the festival presents three German feature films as well as 6 short films.

Feature Films

Fritzi: A Revolutionary Tale Fritzi (Ralf Kukula, Matthias Bruhn, 2019) - East Coast Premiere

Rocca Changes the World (Katja Benrath, 2019) - New York Premiere

Too Far Away (Sarah Winkenstette 2019) - New York Premiere

Short Films

Boys Beyond Boundaries

Blieschow (Christoph Sarow, 2019)

Boje (Andreas Cordes & Robert Köhler, 2019)

NYICFF Rocks (Musical Shorts)

I Have a Little Cactus (Meike Fehre & Sabine Dully, 2019)

My Brother Makes the Noises in the Movies (The Musifants) (Meike Fehre & Sabine Dully, 2020)

Girls' POV

Dear Darkness (Samuel N. Schwarz, 2019)
I Want (Anne Isensee, 2019)

Short Films 2

Trude's Flatmate (Klaus Morschheuser, 2019)

Shorts for Tots

Cat Lake City (Antje Heyn, 2019)

For tickets, details and schedule visit: nyicff

There is also a discount code for you: GERMANY20 - which offers $2 off all German features and all 10 of the short film programs.


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