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02.07.2020 - Article

You are cordially invited to the sixth Annual Benefit (online) Concert in support of the Krzyżowa-Music 2020.

The German Consulate General Co-Presents:

On May 8th, we all celebrated the end of the Second World War and the liberation from the Nazi terror regime. Germany feels deep remorse for the crimes against humanity perpetrated in the concentration camps and the suffering our nation has inflicted upon Europe. Remembering our past with honesty and facing the consequences with due responsibility is therefore at the heart of our endeavors and desire to be part of and contribute to a Europe based on the fundamental values of the respect for human dignity and human rights, democracy and the rule of law. German-Polish relations are of great importance, not only for our two countries but for Europe. The European Union is still drawing strength from the reconciliation of our countries. Since 1989, these relations have developed a dynamic unparalleled in recent history and Krzyżowa or Kreisau is at the heart of it.

Like few other places, Krzyzowa symbolizes how two countries can overcome former hostilities and build a reliable and sustainable partnership. In 1989, the place became a symbol of Poland’s and Germany’s drawing closer through the Reconciliation Fair, which Prime Minister Tadeusz Masowiecki and Chancellor Helmuth Kohl celebrated there.

Building on the commitment to both, the German-Polish reconciliation as well as the European idea, Krzyżowa Music was founded in 2015, and until today brings together young musicians from Germany and Poland, as well as from almost every continent to experience the incredibly connecting power of music.

“The strength of Europe lies in the power of its cultures!” This is what the papers of the “Kreisau Circle” around the von Moltke family formulated during the war, resisting the Nazi regime and envisioning a program for a united Europe after the war. For this the majority had to pay with their life.

We are particularly fond of the Krzyżowa Music concerts hosted jointly with our esteemed colleagues from Poland in New York. We are delighted to extend a special and very warm welcome to the Polish Consul General in New York Adrian Kubicki who recently arrived in New York!

In May 2020, many things were different and we very much regret that the concert of Krzyżowa Music in New York had been cancelled. But creative people must not be stopped and so we are delighted to present to you a recorded performance of Krzyżowa Music together with an interview of the young and gifted musicians Viviane Hagner und Adam Golka and welcoming remarks by the German Consul General David Gill.

German-Polish relations are of great importance, not only for our two countries but for Europe. As Europeans, we will not take it for granted but protect, foster and carry the European idea into the future together. We look forward to the time when we can continue our cooperation with our Polish colleagues in New York and Krzyżowa Music will again perform for you in New York, live!*
But for now: enjoy this wonderful concert online and support young musicians!

For more information visit: Krzyżowa Music

To watch the concert online visit: Krzyżowa-Music 2020

(*excerpt from the welcoming remarks by German Consul General David Gill)

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