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30.09.2020 - Article

DW will be broadcasting a number of programs to mark the 30th anniversary of  German reunification

German reunification has come to be regarded as a text book example for peaceful

revolution. The treaty settling the accession of East Germany to the Federal Republic

came into force on 3 October 1990, ending the division of Germany after four decades.

DW will be broadcasting a number of programs to mark the 30th anniversary of

German reunification, including:

The documentary The Two plus Four Talks – Negotiating German Unity reveals the

dramatic aspects of negotiations over the Two Plus Four Agreement – a treaty that set

a political course with contemporary resonance. The historic reunification of Germany

on 3 October 1990 was preceded by months of diplomacy between the two German

nations, the Soviet Union, the United States, France and Britain. The film takes a look

behind the scenes of the crucial talks 30 years ago – with archive footage, historic

documents and largely unknown files from the American intelligence agency the CIA.

In Euromaxx, well-known figures from the world of culture reveal how reunification

impacted upon their life and work. Their reports feature a variety of locations in Berlin

such as Potsdamer Platz, now a symbol of the transformation of the German capital

following the peaceful revolution. The magazine program also presents some of

East Germany’s culinary and creative accomplishments that have survived to this day.

This year’s official ceremony marking German Unity Day is taking place in Potsdam.

Check-in presenter Nicole Frölich takes the opportunity to visit places in the Brandenburg

state capital that are closely associated with the division and eventual reunification

of Germany. One example is the Glienicke Bridge, also known as the “Bridge of Spies,”

where captured agents were often swapped for their Counterparts.

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