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Reporting the 'Significant Other': Transatlantic Perspectives on Foreign News

Just under four weeks before the US presidential election and one year before the German federal election, we are dealing with one of the most dazzling forms of journalistic work: the foreign correspondent.What often seems glamorous and exciting to the reader, can be many things in reality: lonely, adventurous, boring or risky. And what is considered newsworthy does not always find buyers in the domestic editorial department, let alone the public. This is proven by a multitude of biographical reports.

But what is the current state of the job description and practice? What role do “our woman” and “our man in xyz” play in the face of globalization and information overload? What political significance is still attached to foreign reporting? And if everyone only pays attention to the G8 and trouble spots, what does this mean for the “periphery” and our reported experience of the world? What are the challenges of reporting from Germany to an American audience and vice versa?

With (among others)

    Melissa Eddy, Germany correspondent, The New York Times, Berlin

Moderated by Leonard Novy (IfM).

For more Information visit: Media (R)Evolution Talk - Reporting the Significant Other

Location & Time:

Wednesday, October, 07, 2020

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Via Zoom

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