Caspar Gelmini presents “Objects and Cells 1”

01.10.2020 - Article

As part of the 30th anniversary of the Jersey City Arts and Studio Tour (JCAST) from October 1-4, 2020, German Artist Caspar Gelmini will showcase Objects and Cells 1 – an experimental Video, which represents the aspects of mikro- and macrocosm of nature

For some time now, German Artist Caspar Gelmini has been dealing with a mixture of contemporary music and video art. This type of music has a long tradition in Germany and can be shown both in the context of a new music festival, but also at media art festivals or in galleries and museums. On the one hand, this music requires knowledge of instrumental music and live electronics, on the other hand, it requires knowledge of photography and Image processing. IRCAM software such as Max Msp, Open Music and Jitter are used here. The goal is to create an interface between music and art. In this context, many courses of study such as “Sound Studies” or “Music and Media Art” were created in Germany.

In their work, Gelmini  cooperates with scientists from Humboldt University Berlin and Charité Berlin and researches cells with regard to their graphical, typological structures, on the other hand Gelmini deals with various plant species in the botanical garden. For this, Gelmini uses typological processes that are based on Bernd and Hilla Becher and their Düsseldorf School.

About Walk Bye and the Jersey City Arts and Studio Tour (JCAST)

Catalina Aranguren, founder of Walk-Bye by Argia Photography, will present an outdoor art exhibition in collaboration with the Jersey City Parks Coalition in ten Jersey City parks throughout the city’s six wards.  

A follow-up to Aranguren’s June 2020 show, Walk-Bye includes several events. The first - Nature Walk and OcTREEber - takes place from Thursday, October 1 to Sunday, October 4. The exhibitions will feature 90 original works by international artists and 40 by Jersey City children, focused on a celebration of nature in and around urban areas. 

 Motivated by the current pandemic lockdown, Aranguren sought a way to bring art to her friends and neighbors while also providing an outlet for artists to create during this time of isolation. The open call for Nature Walk and OcTREEber yielded over 300 submissions from 34 countries, 14 states, and 23 New Jersey cities, taking the form of fashion, collage, photography, painting, and sculpture. “As an artist, this unprecedented moment of extreme isolation has been frustrating, limiting my options to create and see art,” said Aranguren. “I was sure that others felt the same, so I was inspired to build a sense of connectivity between artists and community members while also providing a break from the virtual world of video work calls and on-line learning.” 

Location & Time:

Thursday, October 1 to Sunday, October 4, 2020

Ward E Hamilton Park

25 W Hamilton Pl

Jersey City, NJ 07302


The exhibition can also be viewed online: vimeo.com/caspardegelmini or XXX

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