New books release: “Wunderbare Fahrten und Abenteuer der kleinen Dott” on November 23

Book Cover Wunderbare Fahrten und Abenteuer der kleinen Dott

Book Cover “Wunderbare Fahrten und Abenteuer der kleinen Dott”, © Eva Schweitzer


New release of a beloved German fairytale book about the adventures of a young girl who can talk to animals, travels the country, and can look into the past.

”Wunderbare Fahrten und Abenteuer der kleinen Dott“, written by Tamara Ramsay, is an adventure and coming-of-age novel in three volumes with elements of saga and fantasy; it is meant for young people from age 10 to 16. They are now newly released by Berlinica Publishing, with the original drawings and covers by Alfred Seidel, lost for a long time. The language is German.

Die kleine Dott is a twelve-year old girl who lives in a village near Berlin between the two World Wars. When Dott sneaks out to see the bonfire of the midsummer night, a magical flower, the Rennefarre, falls into her shoe. This makes her invisible. Also, she can now speak with animals and magical creatures. And she is occasionally transported back into the past. Flying across the country on the back of Gurian, the heron and Cornix, the crow, Dott experiences adventures others can only dream about. She talks to Frederick the Great in Potsdam, witnesses the Tempelritter at the border to Poland, prays with Hedwig of Silesia, the saintly duchess, sees Rübezahl, the mountain ghost, and many elves and goblins, and goes back to the past of Dresden, Leipzig, and Breslau. And she rescues Klaus in Berlin, a boy who has been put under a spell by a sprite in the Spree river.

The three volumes are slightly shortened without anything of their content been lost. The language has been gently modernized. The book promotes friendship and understanding among different cultures and peoples, the empowerment of girls, and the protection of animals.

The hardcover version is available and ships from Germany, but we have also released a softcover version of all three books shipping from America.  It is available e.g. at Amazon.com, at Amazon in Canada and other places, at Barnesandnoble.com. Also, bookstores in America can order them.

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