“Music for Thought” Series - Beethoven The Contemporary (December 18, 4/4)

Beethoven The Contemporary

Beethoven The Contemporary, © Hannah Harnest


Beethoven’s works for piano-four-hands, presented as part of NYU’s festival ‘Beethoven the Contemporary.

Happy Birthday to Ludwig!

Beethoven’s Compositions for Piano Four-Hands        

This is the fourth event of the virtual “Music for Thought Series,” which is generously being supported by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in New York. 

Historical records are unclear about whether or not Ludwig van Beethoven - Germany’s probably most famous composer - was born on December 15th or 16th, but we know for sure that he was baptised on December 17th in 1770. It is only appropriate to celebrate a man, who has been an enormous influence and legacy for the entire spectrum of the arts, and who also reflected awareness of what was going on in his society in his works.

The integrality of his compositions for piano-four-hands that are presented here, form a unique part of Beethoven’s ouevre, because they show his skill to write for a large symphony orchestra, his extraordinary imagination in coming up with colourful variations to a simple and beautiful melody, and his mastery of the sonata form.

Featured guests:

Hannah Harnest - piano

Markus Kaitila - piano

Sonata in D Major, Op. 6

Three Marches, Op. 45

Eight Variations on a Theme of Count von Waldstein, WoO 67

Six Variations on the Song “Ich denke dein”, WoO 74

The premiere of this streaming event will take place on December 18 at 8pm on the following page:


On demand streaming will be available thereafter.

Presented as part of the Beethoven the Contemporary Festival.

Music For Thought
Music For Thought© Hannah Harnest

Location & Time

December 18, 2020; 8 pm EST

Online, for free


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