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Justine Barda programs film from France, the Middle East, and North Africa for Seattle International Film Festival. She previously worked as a consultant to Sundance, the Dubai International Film Festival, and the Toronto International Film Festival. She is also the founder and CEO of Telescope Film, a platform to promote international film to American audiences. She also teaches in the Film Studies Program at Seattle University. 

“The idea for Telescope Film  grew out of my experience as a film festival programmer. Film festivals have always been one of the main ways that international films come to the US. Unfortunately, those films rarely get released in the theaters here. Now with digital distribution, Americans have access to more international film than ever before. With Telescope, I want to make it easier for audiences to find and watch those films, and to discover new content from around the world — through features like the German Films microsite.”

Justine Barda
Justine Barda© Justine Barda

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