“We the People...”: Reality or Illusion? (January 15)

Capitol Washington

Capitol Washington, © Joshua Sukoff


“We, the People…”: Reality or Illusion?

The recent attack on the U.S. Capitol and incidents in other Western democracies – such as the attempt to storm the Reichstag building in Berlin in August 2020 – demonstrate how fragile our democracies are. Are the aspiration and promise of our liberal constitutions an illusion? How resilient are our democratic institutions and practices in the digital age? Can they adapt? 

Join us to discuss these questions with Pam Campos-Palma, Political Strategist and Consultant, and Alexander Sängerlaub, Director of futur eins.

This event is co-hosted by 1014 and the American Council on Germany.


For more info please visit: www.1014.nyc/events/we-the-people-reality-or-illusion

Location & Time

January 15, 11:00 AM

Please register at  Zoom.us/webinar/register

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