MAXforum: The Imagination & The Scientis (April 18)


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1014 partners with Media Art Xploration for MAXforum: 3 live conversations with artists and scientists to better understand the future of human, non-human, and artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence expands human cognitive power and is even expected to surpass human intelligence. However, AI is also invented by the same human mind that it is expected to surpass. How are engineers mapping something they can’t conjure given that the thousands of dimensions of AI are beyond the limits of our imagination? Who is making the AI and how are they imagining it?

Dr. Naila Murray - computer vision expert and Head of Engineering EMEA AI research at Facebook AI joins 2020 MAXmachina artist Philipp Schmidt in a conversation led by best selling to look inside the mind of those who are fashioning another kind of intelligence.

For more Information visit: MAXforum: The Imagination and the Scientist

Location & Time:

April 18, 2021, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM


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