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Climate and Gender Justice - Addressing the Climate Crisis with an Intersectional Feminist Approach

Social movements like the 350 and Fridays for Future have become strong voices holding administrations accountable for enforcing international agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement. These agreements are under threat, gendered and racialized inequalities of the climate crisis are too often neglected, both within and between nations, and the COVID-19 pandemic seems to overshadow the climate commitments on both sides of the Atlantic.

How does the climate crisis impact the current societal structures, both within and among nations? How can we use the climate crisis as an opportunity to reshape power structures? How is the fight for climate justice interconnected with the fight for feminism and how can a Feminist Foreign Policy address the current climate emergency?

With Natalia Cardona Sanchez, Associate Director for Justice & Equity at 350.org, and Leonie Bremer, climate activist at Fridays for Future Germany. Moderated by Kristina Lunz, CFFP Co-Founder and Germany Co-Executive Director.

About this series:

CFFP x 1014: New Approaches to Foreign Policy - Feminist Foreign Policy and its Potential for Advancing Transatlantic Relations Series

Considering the ongoing security crises, the global pushback against human rights, and the climate emergency, the transatlantic partnership is more critical than ever. This series of conversations by CFFP and 1014 aims at increasing the dialogue between both sides of the Atlantic and fostering awareness about more sustainable approaches to foreign policy. It strives to discuss transatlantic priorities in the fields of security, sexual and reproductive rights, and climate justice from a Feminist Foreign Policy perspective.

Loaction & Time

April 14, 12 PM - 1 PM, EST

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