Old Stories & New Choreographies: Migration of Tales, People, & Dance (May 20)

Photo Old Stories

Young Asian Woman in Dancing movement with an umbrella in the foreground of a City/park, © Alicja Hoppel - Dancer: Jie-Hung Connie Shiau - Choreographer: Sameena Mitta

14.05.2021 - Article

How do Fairytales find their way into contemporary choreographies? We want to hear from international choreographers and dancers. 

Contemporary choreographers around the world reimagine oral traditions, which may or may not “belong” to them, as emotionally and politically-potent dance works. What types of transformation become possible in these physicalized reinterpretations? Join an international panel of dancemakers as they explore how the global movement of narrative, people, and dance has shaped personal and national identities as well as the dancemakers’ respective bodies of work.

For more Information visit: https://www.1014.nyc/events/old-stories-new-choreographies

Location & Time

May 20, 2021

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

Via Zoom

Please register here.

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