Between Fire & Ice - A diabolical Weimar-Berlin Kabarett (September 21 & 25)

Picture for Between Fire and Ice

Picture for “Between Fire and Ice”, © Jack Denver

08.09.2021 - Article

As part of 1700 Years of Jewish Life in German Speaking Lands (321-2021).

A diabolical Weimar Berlin Cabaret depicting Berlin during the 1920s: A time of change, challenge, experiments and when traditions are going down the drain. With the First World War lost and the Kaiser in exile, Germany begins to experiment with a new form of government: the Weimar Republic is born and with it a nation longing for latitude. 

Come and celebrate the Golden Age, the dance on the volcano between the two World Wars, a time of creativity, art, music and culture, the women’s movement, and gay liberation. Haan re-lives this bodacious period probing the ties between feminist struggle and female glamour, taking you on an enchanting musical voyage through history.

Featuring MD Richard Danley on piano

Trailer on YouTube

Location & Time

September 21, 7 pm & September 25 @ 2 pm

Triad Theater NYC

158 West 72nd Street, Second floor

New York, NY 10023

Tickets are 24$ and there is a 2-drink minimum @ www.triadnyc.com

Proof of vaccination required

All staff required to wear masks

All staff and entertainers must be vaccinated

Constant cleaning and disinfecting of tables and chairs before and after shows

New AC with HEPA filters installed to guarantee safety


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