White Christmas at the Triad (December 4 and 7)

Scene from White Christmas

Scene from White Christmas, © William Murray

02.12.2021 - Article

White Christmas at the Triad - A Tribute To The Life and Music Of Irving Berlin

This season’s White Christmas At The Triad is returning with a big bang, featuring international award winning chanteuse Adrienne Haan and Broadway and concert star Bart Shatto.
Written by Laurence Pierron, White Christmas At The Triad tells the life story of great American composer Irving Berlin and his close relation to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
Combining their talents, Adrienne Haan and Bart Shatto are presenting some of the most beautiful (Christmas) songs as well as lesser known oeuvres of the fabulous American composer. The songs are contained in a smartly written script, celebrating this year’s festive season.
“I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...!”

Featuring Adrienne Haan and Bart Shatto
With Richard Danley as Music Director
Directed by Adrienne Haan 
Script and original idea by Laurence Pierron
Choreography by Melanie LaPatin
Produced by Peter Martin, Joseph Barry and Laurence Pierron

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Location & Time

The Triad Theatre NYC158

158 W 72nd Street, 2nd Floor

NYC 10023


Tickets are 24 DOL and there is a 2-drink minimum at the club.

Running time: 90 minutes without an Intermission.

For tickets please visit: 

Saturday, December 4, 2 pm: 

Tuesday, December 7, 7 pm: 

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