Christmas Village in Philadelphia (ongoing till December 24)

Christmas Mugs at Christmas Village Philadelphia

Christmas Mugs at Christmas Village Philadelphia, © Christmas Village in Philadelphia

03.12.2021 - Article

Christmas Village is an outdoor Holiday market in Center City Philadelphia which is modeled after the German Weihnachtsmärkte in Germany.

Christmas Village in Philadelphia is an outside Holiday market event in Center City Philadelphia, which is modeled after the traditional Christmas Markets in Germany.

Vendors in wooden booths will set up shop during the Holiday season to sell a wide variety of international holiday gifts, ornaments, jewelry and high-quality arts and crafts, as well as traditional European food, sweets and drinks. 

The unique atmosphere with thousands of lights and the delicious smell of waffles, gingerbread, bratwurst and mulled wine will bring you and your family into the perfect Christmas spirit.

For more information please visit www.philachristmas.com

Location & Time

Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve (Nov 20th – Dec 24th)

11am - 7pm daily

 Philadelphia’s Love Park as well as the City Hall Courtyard and North Apron

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