German Frigate Hessen Embarks With US Navy Carrier Strike Group

Visit aboard the Truman

CSG8 Commander Rear Admiral Black welcomes Defense and Naval Attaché Rear Admiral Thomas Ernst., © German Embassy

25.01.2018 - Article

After completing a phase of intensive preparation and training together with and as a part of Carrier Strike Group 8, the German Frigate Hessen has been symbolically handed over to Rear Admiral Black, Commander of the American Carrier.

Hessen arrived in late January to Norfolk, Virginia’s famous Nauticus Pier ahead of a joint deployment with the USS Harry S. Truman. Ahead of the arrival of the Hessen, the members of the German Embassy's military and political sections had the honor of visiting the Carrier Strike Group 8, and going aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman. Deputy Chief of Mission Boris Ruge and Defense and Naval Attaché Rear Admiral Thomas Ernst, along with the embassy group, were welcomed by Rear Admiral Black, CSG8 Commander.

Now that their joint training is completed, Frigate Hessen will, together with the strike group, now transit the Atlantic Ocean en route to the Mediterranean, where it will be deployed on NATO's Southern flank. The German air defense frigate is the only warship in a Western fleet with three types of anti-air missiles. Its radar has a detection range of more than 200 nautical miles for air targets.

“Once again, both navies make an important contribution to strengthening solidarity within the transatlantic Alliance and NATO's defense readiness,” said Chief German Navy, Vice Admiral Krause. “I am convinced that the integration of a German frigate into a United States carrier strike group will provide significant insight to us and also the US Navy that we should use for continued cooperation.”

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