Refund of Pension Contributions


Under certain conditions (e.g. U.S. citizen with German contributions of less than five years), (mandatory) contributions paid by the insured into statutory pension insurance may be refunded. If benefits -- e.g. health-care benefits -- have already been provided, only the contributions paid after that may be reimbursed. A claim to refund of the contributions only exists when 24 calendar months have lapsed since the insured was no longer required to pay and has not become required again to pay into German pension insurance.

To receive a refund of the above mentioned contributions, the applicant must fill out and sign the form “Antrag auf Beitragserstattung ” -- Application for Refund of Contributions, as well as the payment authorization form (Form A 1064) and the Certificate of Life and Citizenship (Form A 9060). Form A 9060 must also be certified by either a notary public or a German foreign mission upon presentation of a valid passport. The documents are to be submitted directly to:

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund
10704 Berlin / Germany

Application for Pension Refund

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