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If you live in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina or Tennessee, you can apply for a visa in Atlanta. Please make an appointment.

The Consulate General Atlanta can only provide services to residents of the states of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. If you do not live in this region, please contact the mission that is responsible for your area. To find out which of the nine German missions in the US can assist you, please use our Consulate Finder.

Please read this entire text before applying for your visa!!!

All applications must be submitted in person, by appointment only.

Please click on the link below to obtain an appointment through our online appointment system.

Appointment System

Visa applicants without an appointment will not be accepted!

PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY COMPLETE APPLICATIONS CAN BE PROCESSED! It is your responsibility to inform yourself which documents are required for the type of visa you are seeking. IF YOU DO NOT BRING THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS, WE WILL HAVE TO SEND YOU AWAY EVEN IF YOU HAVE TRAVELLED A LONG DISTANCE.​​​​​​​

Download the application form and learn about the requirements

The medical evacuation/repatriation insurance has to amount to a minimum of $50,000. In order to obtain a visa a proof of travel insurance is obligatory. The validity of your policy needs to correspond to the whole length of your stay in the Schengen States AND it is mandatory that the insurance company has a claims office in one of the Schengen States (please reconfirm with the insurance company before you purchase coverage since most insurance companies do not fulfill this last requirement).

The visa cannot be processed on the same day. We will mail your passport and visa back to you with FedEx Standard only. Please bring an extra 12 US Dollars for this service, payable in exact cash or money order only. The Consulate cannot use any other courier service. Please do not provide prepaid envelopes of any kind. You can also pick up your passport in person or have it picked up by a person with an authorization letter, signed by you.

At this time, holders of US travel documents issued as refugee travel documents do not require a visa to travel to Germany for tourism, transit or business if it is still valid four months after your return. Please note that this regulation applies only for visits to Germany, as other countries of the Schengen agreement may require you to hold a visa. In addition, the rules and regulations may be subject to change, therefore check this website for changes before each trip. As this exception may not be known to some airlines or immigration officers, we suggest you print this information and take it with you. The print-out quotes the address of this website and the date, enabling you and others to verify the information and to check if the print-out is up to date.

Holders of US travel documents issued as Permit to Re-enter need a visa according to their nationality (please check visa aplication - visa requirements).

Only if, after checking here, you have further questions, you may contact the visa department of the Consulate General in Atlanta at (404) 905-0000.

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