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Wolfgang Moessinger

Wolfgang Moessinger, © Kay Herschelmann

30.01.2018 - Article

Dear website visitors, 

From the heart of the City of Chicago, the German Consulate General provides services to 12 states in the Midwest and Kentucky, covering a space six times the territory of Germany. Of the 70 million people living in these states, about 20 million have German roots.

This clearly shows the important role German immigrants played in the development of these states and continue to play to this day. It is my great pleasure and honor to contribute to keeping these long-standing ties between Germany and the Midwest alive and develop them further.

In a period in which many certainties of the past are brought into question, we should never forget the shared set of values that bind us together. Our work in the Consulate General will be guided by the endeavor to raise awareness of these shared values through joint projects and events.

Whether through scientific and academic exchange or through business links or through joint cultural projects or simply through long-standing personal ties: it is more than ever necessary to keep German-American relations as close and as committed as they have been. This will help to avoid misunderstandings and enhance mutual trust and renew the bond between our two peoples. It will also help us to find a common approach and common solutions to the great challenges the world faces today.

For all of you who have an interest in all questions related to Germany, the team of the Consulate General will be your first point of contact. We have the necessary expertise in legal and consular matters and can provide you with political, economic and cultural information. In case we cannot help, we know who can. This might be our Embassy in Washington, an Honorary Consul near you, the German American Chamber of Commerce or the Goethe Institute. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Wolfgang Mössinger

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