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Consul General Herbert Quelle

Consul General Herbert Quelle, © Alexander Fiedler

30.01.2018 - Article

Dear Website Visitors,

Since 2006, the “Bean” sculpture created by Sir Anish Kapoor has been one of the landmarks of Chicago, this great city on Lake Michigan. On this website we provide our services in 13 states of the Midwest with 70 million inhabitants (including 20 million with German roots). The huge area of our consular region (about six times the size of Germany) forces us to travel intensively.

We chose the “Bean” as the photograph, because its surface is a wonderful reflection of Chicago's dynamism and vitality. I also interpret its form as the nucleus of American immigration history, in which Germans played a significant role from the middle of the nineteenth century onwards. One of our tasks is to maintain and strengthen awareness of their positive creative influences in the so-called German immigration triangle between Cincinnati, St. Louis and Milwaukee.

It gives me great pride and joy to be the first point of contact in the region for all questions related to Germany, together with my team. We have the necessary expertise in legal and consular matters and can provide you with political, economic and cultural information. We also know who will help you if we cannot. Sometimes this can be our embassy in Washington, sometimes an honorary consul near you, sometimes the “German American Chamber of Commerce” or the Goethe Institute.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Herbert Quelle

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