Sister City Thursday: Bad Arolsen and Hermann

Schild in Hermann, Missouri - Sign in Hermann, Missouri

Schild in Hermann, Missouri - Sign in Hermann, Missouri, © Bernd Radeck

19.04.2018 - Article

Bad Arolsen – Hermann

May the Friendship Last Forever

In 1986, Arthur Schweighauser, a Hermann, Missouri resident, who was very interested in the German influence on the lives in Hermann, contacted Dr. Gerhard Schroeder, a professor of German at the University of Missouri and discussed a plan to begin a relationship with a community in Germany. Dr. Schroeder suggested that perhaps the city of Arolsen would be a good match. He knew Ernst Hubert von Michaelis, the then Mayor of Arolsen (now Bad Arolsen). That was the beginning.

At that time Robert C. Kirchhofer was serving as Mayor of Hermann. Communications between Arolsen and Hermann started and led to the signing of the Partnership Agreement. In June 1987 Robert Kirchhofer and his wife Nancy traveled to Arolsen and at a reception at the city hall, the agreement was signed. Since the relationship began, there have been student exchanges, and, on several occasions, tour groups and different orchestras from Bad Arolsen have visited Hermann, Missouri. On many occasions groups from Hermann have been hosted in Bad Arolsen. Many friendships have resulted from these visits. The population of Bad Arolsen is about 18.000. The current Mayors in Hermann and Bad Arolsen are Dr. Robert C. Koerber and Juergen van der Horst.

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