Sister City Thursday: Bad Zwischenahn and Centerville

Tree Planting/Baumpflanzen

Tree Planting/Baumpflanzen, © City of Bad Zwischenahn/Stadt Bad Zwischenahn

25.04.2018 - Article

It was Peter Mahlstedt, a teacher from Bad Zwischenahn, who initiated the partnership between the Bad Zwischenahn, located in the northwestern German state Niedersachsen, and Centerville, Ohio during a student study trip to Centerville. The partnership document was signed in August 1981.

It was decided that each municipality should be a kind of contact point for residents, especially students, on visiting trips. And so, in the beginning, it was primarily the students and teachers of Bad Zwischenahn-Edewecht Gymnasium and Centerville High School who cultivated and consolidated the connection. If possible, one group visits the partner town every three years.

Exchange participants will find warm accommodation in host families, and the interests of the group will be explored in advance. Students and residents visiting Bad Zwischenahn are able to see many sights like the fire brigade, windmill, tree nurseries, special companies or the Hearing Center in Oldenburg. Visitors get to know locals through receptions, grill evenings and parties. Many friendships have developed over the years.

Last year, for the 30th anniversary of the first American delegation from Centerville visiting, a group from Centerville visited the Ammerland and brought an Ohio Buckeye Tree as a present, which was planted in the local spa gardens. And as the tree grows and thrives, the partnership should continue to flourish as well. This is what the residents of Bad Zwischenahn want.

The next planned visit to Centerville is in 2020.

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