Sister City Thursday: Chemnitz and Akron

View over the City Chemnitz/Cityblick Chemnitz

View over the City Chemnitz/Cityblick Chemnitz, © Stadt Chemnitz

14.06.2018 - Article

The partnership between the city of Chemnitz in Sachsen in eastern Germany and Akron in the state of Ohio was founded on April 20, 1997 with the signing of the
partnership agreement in Chemnitz by the mayors of both cities.

Since then, the partnership has been characterised by exchange on the most diverse
layers. Economically and industrially equipped with similar strengths,
the two cities regularly present themselves together at
international technology and industry fairs, such as the Industrial Fair
in Hanover or the Chemnitz Fair for Industry and Technology

The two universities of the cities have signed an agreement of collaboration in various research areas. This is how they connect their worldwide reputations in the fields of structural lightweight construction, nanotechnology and polymer-plastics research into a strong high-tech network. Similar concepts for the promotion of university spin-offs and
start-ups has lead to further synergies in the scientific-industrial field.

But it is not only in business and science that the cities exchange. Whether art museums,
natural history museums, Jewish communities, school competitions, music exchanges, marathons or countless other ideas and projects, the partnership is lively and versatile.

For more on Chemnitz, see https://www.chemnitz.de/; on Akron, http://www.akronohio.gov/.

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