Sister City Thursday: Dietzenbach and Oconomowoc

Homecoming Parade - 2010 Visit

Homecoming Parade - 2010 Visit, © City of Oconomowoc

11.07.2018 - Article

The first official meeting between representatives of Dietzenbach, Germany, and Oconomowoc occurred when Mayor Maurice Sullivan visited the German community with a small delegation in 2006. The community was being explored as a sister city since it is located in the County of Offenbach, which is the sister county to Waukesha County in which Oconomowoc is located.

In 2007, a delegation from Dietzenbach, Germany, returned the visit by coming to Oconomowoc to further the sister city relationship and explore opportunities for an international exchange.

The Sister City Partnership was formally established on December 9, 2008 in Dietzenbach, Germany during another Oconomowoc delegation visit. The purpose of the Dietzenbach-Oconomowoc Sister City Partnership is to deepen our friendship, establish closer ties between our people, and further our mutual interests in education, culture, tourism, economic development and government.

Dietzenbach has evolved over the past three decades into an attractive location. It has three major industrial locations: North, middle, and South, where numerous well-known businesses are located. Large and several international companies employ more than 10,000 residents. 79% of these companies belong to the service sector, mainly in the areas of production and commercial / hospitality / transportation.

The Frankfurt-Rhein-Main region offers very good potential employment for workers of all disciplines and skill levels. Dietzenbach has many opportunities for new companies and their employees to locate. In planning the community, a great emphasis was placed on ensuring that housing, employment, and quality of life are on equal balance. Industrial parks and residential areas are consistently separated from each other in order to keep mutual interference and traffic conflicts as low as possible.

The demographically young city offers a scenic location surrounded by forest and an all-around quality of life experience with attractive residential areas, shopping centers, well- developed infrastructure, and diverse cultural and educational, sports and leisure facilities. A wide range of shops and establishments provide a comprehensive number of high-quality goods and services. A large number of retail, hotels, and restaurants are located in the old town / city center.

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