Sister Cities: Herzberg (Elster) and Dixon, Illinois


Luftbild, © Stadt Herzberg (Elster)

20.09.2018 - Article

Herzberg (Elster) and Dixon, Illinois have been sister cities since 1999. For the twinning ceremony, a delegation of 125 Herzbergers came across the pond, but since then, exchanges have been on a smaller scale. The Harzberg delegation even brought their own shawm ensemble with them, which proved to be a great logistical challenge. The partnership has been intensively maintained by the volunteer fire brigade ever since.

A German buffet was organized during a visit to Dixon for an evening of polka and waltzes. The preparation of the German specialties brought both guests and hosts to the limits of American culinary possibility - quark, linseed oil and pork knuckle with sauerkraut cannot be easily improvised!

The aim and principle of the exchange is to establish private connections between the families, and many of the families have managed to maintain these connections on their own.

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