Sister Cities: Lichtenfels, Bavaria and Vandalia, Ohio


Stadtbild, © Stadt Lichtenfels

31.10.2018 - Article

The sister city relationship between Lichtenfels, Bavaria and Vandalia, Ohio has existed since 1975.

Close friendships have been made between Lichtenfelsers and Vandalians through visits over the years, which are arranged on an alternating basis every two years. Most recently, friends from Vandalia were again welcomed as guests in Lichtenfels in 2017.

The Americans and Germans enjoyed a number of activities together, such as the Lichtenfels Volks- and Schützenfest. The Americans wrote their names in the visitors’ book of the city, and together with their German counterparts, explored Upper Franconia and its culinary specialties. During last year’s exchange, the Lichtenfelsers even went took the Americans to Oktoberfest in Munich.

The youth exchange between the cities enjoys great popularity. Every year, the partnership offers young people the opportunity to stay with a host family in Vandalia for three weeks and attend the local high school. In the following year, their American counterpart comes to Germany and visits Lichtenfels for three weeks. This creates unforgettable shared experiences and great friendships that can last a lifetime. The spirit of international understanding and cultural exchange is actively experienced.

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