Sister Cities: Melle, Lower Saxony and New Melle, MO

Windmühle in Westhoyel

Windmühle in Westhoyel, © Jan.meyer / CC BY-SA 3.0

20.12.2018 - Article

Original German text by Jürgen Krämer

A Partnership of Extraordinary Projects

Melle and New Melle have been sister cities since 1988.

The partnership between Melle in Lower Saxony and New Melle, MO is blooming, growing and flourishing. Made official on June 18, 1988 with the signing of the partnership agreement, this sister city relationship has also undertaken numerous extraordinary projects over the decades, some of which have even aroused wider interest. What is particularly impressive is that the partnership is sustained on a purely voluntary basis by the Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundeskreis Melle (German-American Friendship Society Melle) and the New Melle-Melle Friendship Society and supported by a small circle of committed players.

The projects that have been realized since the twinning are truly impressive, including: the official presentation of the “Friendship Stone ” to the American sister community in 1994; the 2005 dedication of a monument to immigrants in New Melle; the dedication of the New Melle Square in Melle city center in 2007; the publication of the book Melle(r) in der Neuen Welt - Ein Brückenschlag aus dem Osnabrücker Land in die USA und zurück (Melle in the New World: A Bridge from Osnabrücker Country to the USA and Back) in 2007; and the 2008 publication of the photo book 20 Jahre Städtepartnerschaft Melle-New Melle - Bilder einer transatlantischen Freundschaft (Twenty Years of Sister Cities Melle-New Melle – Pictures of a Transatlantic Friendship). In addition, a special stamp was designed by the association in cooperation with CITIPOST Osnabrück (2011), residents marched together in the Steuben Parade in New York (2012), a commemorative metal etching was created by Reinhard Klink on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the town twinning (2013), and the “America Grove” in Buer was dedicated in 2015.

But what would these sister-city connections be without the mutual visits that bring friends from both sides together? These trips have always been combined with a stay in the respective partner town, combined with a supporting program that includes visits to tourist highlights.

The background for this town twinning: New Melle was founded in 1839 by immigrants from Grönegau - roughly congruent with the area of Melle today. In the 19th century, around 10,000 people, driven by need and poverty, left this 155 square mile area to successfully establish themselves in the USA.

Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundeskreis Melle website: http://www.daf-melle.de/

City of Melle website: https://www.melle.info/

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