Sister Cities: Zittau, Saxony and Portsmouth, Ohio

Zittau Panorama

Zittau Panorama, © Jürgen Lindert / CC BY-SA 3.0 de

03.01.2019 - Article

Original German text by Brigitte Berger, Organisationsteam Zittau

The sister city relationship between Zittau in Saxony and Portsmouth, Ohio began in 1991 after talks between university representatives in both towns.

An organizing team in Zittau and the Sister City Committee in Portsmouth have since arranged a large number of visits to both cities.

In 2001, the partnership was renewed with another agreement.

Since then the following meetings have taken place:

  • 2003 Citizen of Zittau in Portsmouth/Ohio
  • 2005 Citizen from Portsmouth/Ohio in Zittau
  • 2008 Citizen of Zittau in Portsmouth/Ohio
  • 2010 Citizen from Portsmouth/Ohio in Zittau
  • 2012 Citizens from Zittau in Portsmouth/Ohio - 20th anniversary of the partnership
  • 2015 planned meeting in Zittau - visit unfortunately cancelled by Sister City Committee Portsmouth/Ohio

When the members of the Sister City Committee Portsmouth heard about Zittau's severe summer flooding in August 2010, they organized a fundraising campaign, the proceeds of which were given to the severely damaged Zittau Zoo.

In 2014, an exhibition about Zittau's twin cities was organized. The twin cities were presented and gifts exchanged during the visits were shown. The exhibition could be seen for 3 months in the exhibition center of the Zittau Sparkasse.

The organizing team in Zittau meets regularly, maintains contact with the Sister City Committee Portsmouth/Ohio, and endeavors to continue the mutual visits.

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