Sister Cities: Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria and Hudson, Ohio

Marienbrunnen Landsberg

Marienbrunnen Landsberg, © Stadt Landsberg am Lech

24.01.2019 - Article

Original German text provided by the Stadt Landsberg am Lech

Landsberg am Lech has been twinned with Hudson, Ohio since 1984. The first contacts between the Turn- und Sportverein 1882 Landsberg football club and the Hudson High School soccer team date back to 1979. In 1982, the city councils met for the first time to initiate a town twinning, which was then made official in August 1984 during a visit of the then 2nd mayor to Hudson. In the following years, adult groups from Landsberg am Lech visited Hudson and groups from Hudson came to Landsberg am Lech for a return visit. Meanwhile there have been numerous individual visits and student exchanges.

Landsberg am Lech

In Landsberg am Lech, past and present become one. The beautiful old town with its art treasures is cared for with love and expertise, and interesting modern buildings enrich the medieval townscape.

The center of the city is the main square, with its unique triangular shape. The three main streets of the old town, two from the Lech bridges and one from the steep mountain, lead down to it. In the city center, there is a large Baroque marble fountain, crowned by a graceful Madonna.

The main square presents the rich history of the city. The Bayertor at the eastern entrance and the many town houses are a testament to the town’s medieval history. The playful rococo façade of the magnificent town hall and the richly painted former Ursuline monastery commemorate the city's golden age after the Thirty Years' War.

There is always something interesting happening in Landsberg. This is ensured by attractive cultural events at a high level, small and large festivals and a wide range of leisure activities.

There is also much to discover beyond the historic city center. Hidden on a small terrace in Sandau stands one of the oldest churches in Bavaria, the last witness to a monastery destroyed a thousand years ago - a place with a unique atmosphere! The path on the steep slope above the powerful Lech is one of the most beautiful walks in the surrounding area of the city.

The Lechpark south of the city is especially popular with families. Throughout the year, visitors enjoy the Kneipp bath on the steep slope, with its icy spring water and the barefoot path, an imaginatively designed water playground for the children, and the wild boars in their enclosures. The gentle fallow deer with their calves can even be seen on the paths.

If you dare to climb up the Teufelsküchenschlucht (Devil's Kitchen Gorge) near Pitzling at dusk or even at night, you'll come across witches at their meeting with the devil or the ghosts of people who died there - as Baron von Leoprechting of the nearby Pöring Castle tells it, who wrote down these folk tales.

Get to know the city on our regular guided tours from May to October every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 2.30 p.m. as well as on theme tours and guided tours for travel groups.


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