Sister Cities: Schwieberdingen, Baden-Württemberg and Belvidere, Illinois

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29.03.2019 - Article

Sister Cities Schwieberdingen - Belvidere - Vaux-le-Pénil

The municipality of Schwieberdingen has maintained contact with Belvidere since 1985. What initially began on a private level became official in 1988. The first delegation to make a visit came from Belvidere to the community in Germany's Strohgäu region. The Schwieberdinger Music Association also travelled to Belvidere in 1989. Then followed further mutual exchanges of the mayors with delegations consisting of pastors, local councils, music association members, and the Sister City Association. In 2006, the first “trinational meeting” of the partnership cities Belvidere, Schwieberdingen, and the French commune of Vaux-le-Pénil took place in Belvidere.

In 2010, Belvidere celebrated its 10-year partnership with Vaux-le-Pénil. Three years later, a second trinational meeting of the three partnership cities took place in Belvidere. Especially within the framework of student exchange projects, mutual visits take place every year, during which the guests get to know the country, the culture, and the local sights.

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