Sister Cities: Sassnitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Port Washington, Wisconsin


Hafenfest, © Stadt Sassnitz

23.04.2019 - Article

The partnership agreement between the City of Port Washington and the City of Sassnitz was signed on July 4, 2017. Both partners agreed on broad cooperation and exchange of experience at all levels of community life. The cooperation focuses on the exchange of experiences in the economic and tourism fields, the cultural and sports exchange of young people as well as contacts at various levels of public administration.

Activities in 2018: In addition to the latter contacts, young people from Port Washington were invited in early summer to discover the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Old Beech Forests in Jasmund National Park as part of an environmental education program. This project is supported by the Vorpommern National Park Authority.

Original German-language text provided by the City of Sassnitz

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